Limited Edition Box Set of Solar Etchings

This collaborative limited edition box set of solar etchings was made as a keepsake for the exhibition Into The Woods. It is a result of a group of Purbeck artists who were invited to work together by Tim Edgar to explore the woods during covid and supported each other through sharing skills and ideas.

There are 12 Box sets available to purchase at the exhibition. Each archival box contains 7 original prints; one from each of the artists.

They are as follows:-

Rookery Wood solar etching 10x10cm by Tim Edgar
Thicket solar etching 10x10cm by Jim Hunter
Reflecting solar etching 10x10cm by Katy Shepherd
Is It Because I Am A fool? Solar etching 10x10cm by Tony Kerins
Fallen Willow solar etching 10x10cm by Julie Winsor
Babes In The Wood solar etching 10x10cm by Debbie Lee
Mythic Tree solar etching 10x10cm by Shannon Ribbons